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People in need of reliable and high quality DMS therapy services in the Flower Mound, TX area turn to Advanced Massage and Movement. A large base of returning and referring customers are a true testament, placing patient concerns and needs above all else.We are highly trained DMS therapy professionals who customize every treatment to every patient!

DMS therapy in Flower Mound, TX serves many health-enhancing purposes. This highly specialized healing modality is known for helping with carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, movement issues, and circulation. Our neuromuscular massage techniques are perfect for relieving discomfort caused by sciatica, scar tissue, soft tissue injury, TMJ, and headaches. We know how to instantly reduce pain, enhance flexibility, and improve balance.

DMS stands for deep muscle stimulation. DMS benefits include reduced pain, soft and active tissue release, break up of muscular scar tissue and faster rehabilitation from injury. The DMS is also used by the pro sports teams, Navy Seals and Olympics.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is prevalent in society due to the extensive computer usage many people practice for a living. Using improper ergonomics commonly results in pinched nerves, strained muscles, stiff joints, and other negative consequences that get in the way of a fruitful existence. We are specially trained in the fascinating world of DMS therapy to reduce or eliminate all involved symptoms. Our treatments always amaze Our patients. We can help!

Experience enhanced functioning in the Flower Mound, TX area by trusting our DMS therapy services at Advanced Massage and Movement.

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